How to Edit Video Using Cyberlink PowerDirector Video Editor

It was a sunny weekend. I got invited by my friends to play tennis at piric tennis camps. To be honest, I don’t usually play tennis and am not so good at it. I tried to learn basic knowledges of tennis from YouTube videos, which really helped a lot.

Well, everything comes to him who waits. Through my hard practices, I play tennis better than ever and even got plenty of little fans. I was so happy to teach them the basic skills and my experience. As the number of my little fans grows, it was hard for me to teach them one by one, although I really would love to help. Then there came to me an idea, which is why not making my own videos to show them how I succeeded in learning tennis? Eventually, by using a fantastic video editing software, I made a wonderful video tutorials for my little fans. Here I want to share with you guys how I make a video by using a video editing software.

How to Edit Video Using Cyberlink PowerDirector Video Editor?

A video editing software allows the users to modify and edit the video files digitally.Using the video editing software, the users can control as well as arrange the video files to produce innovative works. A video editor can also offer the tools for video effects along with correction, graphics, color correction, audio editing and effects, and much more. Marketing and content departments could use the video editing software, in correspondence with the video effects programs, to make best promotional videos as well as other movie files for the use of the company. Video editing software is generally utilized by the video editors and engineers to produce movies, TV shows, and other media. Cyberlink PowerDirect is among the best video editing software, and here you’ll find that how you can use it to trim, split and combine videos.

Once you have the video clips, images and audio files in the editing timeline or workspace you could start editing them.

Trimming the Veo Clidips:

The two methods to trim any video clip; one is using Single Trim and the second one is using Multi Trim. Choose any video clip and after that click on trim option.

Single Trim:

Single trim functionality of the video editor allows the users to trim the beginning as well as ends of any video clip. These are the steps to single trim a video clip using the video editor:

  • Click on single trim label.
  • Now drag the pointer in and define the position sliders to the preferred locations and afterward click OK and you are done.

Multi Trim:

A video can be multi-trimmed by following the steps listed below:

  • Click on multi-trim option.
  • Now drag the pointer in and define the position sliders to the preferred locations and afterward click on button.
  • After that drag mark out point slider to the chosen position and afterward click the button below which is marked with red color.
  • Then drag mark in location slider to next selected location and after that click on the button below.
  • Now drag mark out slider to the next chosen point and after that click the button below it.
  • Click the OK button to finish the process of trimming video clip.

Splitting the Video Clip:

The split functionality is repeatedly used in the process of video editing. A video editor can use this feature to split any video clip into the two portions in no time, and after that keep or eradicate a segement from them.

  • Drag the timeline slider to the point where you desire to split a video clip and after that click on split button.
  • A video clip is divided into two parts.

Combining the Video Clips:

The splitted video parts can be combined into a single clip via the video editor. Select the video segments that are split then right-click on one of them, and after that click on the combine button.

In few simple and easy steps you can split, trim and combine the videos like professionals.